H3R Performance HalGuard Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

When it comes to anything motorsports related safety should always be a main concern. We spend thousands on components to enhance the performance of our vehicles and yet I can't tell you how many chinese "ricer style" fire extinguishers i've seen mounted to roll cages. Were all victims to cheaper solutions when it comes to certain stuff. These things are mass produced out of china with little or no quality control. Would you honestly trust that type of fire extinguisher to save your favorite offroad vehicle from burning to the ground? I know I wouldn't although I will admit I have run "cheapo" extinguishers in the past. Maybe they would have done the job, maybe they wouldn't. I never had to find out thankfully.

In this articles I will be installing an H3R Halotron fire extinguisher & quick disconnect mount on our Project Rock Spider & Project Rhino. Finally a fire extinguisher I can put a little trust into.