MMF Tech - Project Snake Charmer, Part 19

I've been accused of being a member of the safety police, but I'd rather have our readers be safe and prepared than injured or worse. Case in point - every vehicle I own has a fire extinguisher in it and the Roadster will be no different. Well, it'll be a little different, as we went for some bling since the extinguisher is so visible. The unit we installed is a HalGuard HG100C ($125.95) from H3R Performance. HalGuard is a clean-agent fire extinguisher that produces on mess when dispensed, doesn't create any visual impairment, and is EPA approved and rechargeable. The HalGuard product is perfect for protecting your classic or late-model car or specialty vehicle and looks great doing it. We ordered the optional billet band clamp (BB100P) and flat surface mount (BMF01P) for cockpit mounting and quick access. NHRA-legal rollbar mounts are also available. Many Roadster owners place their fire extinguisher under at the front of the transmission tunnel. It's a nice place visually, but we were a little concerned about access in an emergency situation. Eventually, we opted for between the seats in a horizontal mouting plane with the quick-release pin facing up. A quick yank of the pin straight up and the extinguisher is free to do its job. We can quickly inspect the pressure gauge in this mounting position as well.