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Extinguishing AgentHalotron® 1
Agent (lb.)11.0 lb
Gross Weight (lb.)22.5 lb
UL Rating1A:10B:C
Height (inches)21.9 in.
Width (inches)8.5 in.
Depth-diameter6.0 in.


Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher 11 lb

HG1100R provides class "A," "clean agent" fire protection and is the ideal choice for RV's, garages, trailers, or pit lanes. 

NOTE: This is a Special Order item. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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  • No thermal shock to electronics
  • No mess or damage to vehicle or surfaces
  • Liquefied gas extinguishes hard-to-reach fires
  • Does not impair operator's vision
  • EPA-approved
  • Listed and rated 1A:10B:C by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Rechargeable
  • Comes with steel wall hook for mounting.
  • 12' - 18' discharge range
  • High quality steel cylinders and syphon tubes
  • All metal valve construction
  • Six-year limited warranty
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