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Extinguishing AgentMonoammonium phosphate
Agent (lb.)5.0 lb
Gross Weight (lb.)8.8 lb
U/L Rating3A:40B:C
Height (inches)15.3 in.
Width (inches)7.25 in.
Depth-diameter4.3 in.


Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher 5 lb

The ABC rated MX500C dry chemical fire extinguisher effectively smothers flammable liquid fires without conducting electricity back to the operator. It also extinguishes common combustibles like wood, paper, rubber, and some plastics. It is an excellent choice for automotive, marine and home use. Featuring a commanding 3A:40B:C UL rating, the MX500C is our most powerful hand-portable model. 

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  • Durable Chrome finish
  • US Coast Guard Approved (with the bracket it comes with)
  • Listed and rated by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Rechargeable
  • Steel mounting bracket
  • 12' - 18' discharge range
  • High quality steel cylinders
  • All-metal valve construction
  • Six-year limited warranty
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