H3R Performance Sponsorship Requests


Sponsorship Requests

Sponsorship Requests

Thank you for your interest in H3R Performance! If you would like us to consider a sponsorship request for your vehicle build or special event (automotive related only), please email the following information to sponsorshiprequest@h3rperformance.com.


  • Year, make and model of your vehicle
  • Photos of the build or previous builds (as attachment, limit 5)
  • Links to your social media account(s) and website
  • List of events where the sponsored vehicle will be displayed
  • Quantity of the products you desire
  • Planned mounting location(s)
  • Mailing address, email and phone number


  • Event name & location
  • Number of attendees from last year & projected this year
  • Links to your social media account(s) and website
  • A little bit about the event (an event flyer is acceptable)
  • What you need from us for your event (for example: raffle donation, goody bag stuffers, etc.)
  • Mailing address, email and phone number

NOTE! Incomplete sponsorship requests may not be answered. Please include all of the information requested. Previous sponsorship is not a guarantee of future sponsorship, each request is reviewed independently. We get a lot of sponsorship requests so please allow a week or so for us to respond before sending a follow up inquiry.