H3R Performance Sponsorship Requests


Sponsorship Requests

Sponsorship Requests

Thank you for your interest in H3R Performance! If you would like us to consider a sponsorship request for your vehicle build or special event (automotive related only), please email the following information to sponsorshiprequest@h3rperformance.com.


  • Year, make and model of your vehicle
  • Photos of the build or previous builds (as attachment, limit 5)
  • Links to your social media account(s) and website
  • List of events where the sponsored vehicle will be displayed
  • Quantity of the products you desire
  • Planned mounting location(s)
  • Mailing address, email and phone number

FOR EVENT SPONSORSHIP:  At this time we are declining event donations due the uncertainty and public safety concerns surrounding events to be held during the Coronavirus pandemic.

NOTE! Incomplete sponsorship requests may not be answered. Please include all of the information requested. Previous sponsorship is not a guarantee of future sponsorship, each request is reviewed independently. We get a lot of sponsorship requests so please allow a week or so for us to respond before sending a follow up inquiry.