Premium Fire Extinguishers
  • Smooth lines. Exciting colors. Cool textures. H3R Performance excites the senses while easing the mind.

    Our fire extinguishers & mounts are designed to meet the demands of the automotive environment and are also great for marine, home, garage or office applications. No plastic is used for important components! Our extinguishers sport steel cylinders, all metal valve construction, and aviation-quality steel mounting brackets. Our optional quick-release mounting accessories are engineered to tight tolerances and very secure.



    Check out our SEMA Highlights video! This action packed 3 minute video includes the must see attractions from the last show.

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    New Product Announcement!
    Our Extreme Duty bracket is quick to deploy, and offers
    the ideal balance of
    light weight, func-
    tionality, and durability.

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    On looks alone, the
    HalGuard HG250C
    fire extinguisher
    announces that it
    has little in common with that red
    cylinder languishing under the
    kitchen sink.

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