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14 Essential Pieces of Gear for an Overland Adventure

Fire Extinguisher

Road & Track/Tyler Duffy | Oct 19, 2020

Buying that awesome off-roader is your first step towards a dream overlanding vacation. Here's the gear you need to stay comfortable and safe.

Sure, you can buy a purpose-built off-road beast like the Jeep Gladiator or the Toyota 4Runner to go overlanding, but the vehicle is only the first step toward your dream adventure. If you plan to leave the pavement and the grid behind, you’re going to need plenty of gear—whether it's basic camping supplies, an awesome rooftop tent to keep you high and dry, or vital and durable safety equipment.

Below are 14 essential gear items you need to start your dream overlanding trip.

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# 7 - Fire Extinguisher

Vehicle fires are rare, but they do happen. This H3R extinguisher will have you covered, whether the fire is fluid or electrical in nature.

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