About Us

Our purpose

To Protect Your Passion

Few things rival an auto enthusiast’s passion. The investment of energy, time, and care that goes into their vehicle is epic - equal only to the thrill they feel from behind the wheel! At H3R Performance, such emotion has been our inspiration since 2005.

We believe in both working and playing hard — and being smart at both. Every vehicle should have a fire extinguisher!

Who is H3R Performance?

Our Story

We are known for rugged fire extinguishers and mounting accessories that work flawlessly when needed. Our customers rest easy as they enjoy the enhanced aesthetic our products bring to any vehicle.

We know that every drive entails some risk and that having fun can require a quick exit from your comfort zone. We add a spark of excitement with products that help protect your investment AND look great!

And we believe that every customer deserves our best — from the classic car collector to the weekend off-roader, to the muscle car fanatic, to the luxury sports car driver... and everyone in-between.

We love to hear feedback and suggestions on what you’d like to see in the future.