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ProLock Fire Extinguisher Brackets

Our quick-release ProLock brackets are made of billet aluminum and provide exceptional mounting solution for demanding vehicle applications. Available for our 1 lb., 1.4 lb. and 2.5 lb. extinguishers, these brackets keep your extinguisher secure, whether you are hitting the track or blazing your own path!

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I have the Chrome extinguisher and I love it. The finish and the quality is just solid. I had to use it after an accident that happened in front of my house where one of the vehicles was starting to catch on fire. I was able to get it put out quickly and extinguisher performed beautifully.

I purchased the black extinguisher to go with my Wrangler. I'm impressed with the speed of shipping, my products were shipped almost immediately after ordering. The extinguisher itself is very solid and extremely well-built. It looks terrific mounted to the roll bar, I hope to never use it, but I have the peace of mind know that it's there if I do. I will recommend H3R and their products for all my Jeep friends!

I was lucky enough to be near this vehicle when it caught on fire with a young mother, her son and a friend inside. Thank God I had two fire extinguishers on board from H3R Performance. I had to use both the Halguard to put out the oil fire and the ABC Maxout for the grass fire. I guess I was in the right place at the right time.

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