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No Cleanup, No Residue, No Damage

HalGuard™ is no ordinary car fire extinguisher. Classified as a "clean agent," HalGuard extinguishers effectively combat flammable liquid fires without leaving any messy corrosive residue after use.

Which extinguisher is right for you?

Extinguish fires quickly and from a safe distance

Beware of inexpensive, non UL-listed extinguishers that require use too close to the fire. It is illegal to offer non-UL listed fire extinguishers for sale in many states. Flare-type extinguishers typically only offer a short discharge range.

SM01BK - Fire Extinguisher Seat Mount
SM01BK - Fire Extinguisher Seat Mount
Sale price$119.95
ProLock Flat Surface Brackets
ProLock Flat Surface Brackets
Sale price$195.95
HalGuard Clean Agent Car Fire Extinguisher - 2.5 lb.
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To Protect Your Passion

Few things rival an auto enthusiast’s passion. The investment of energy, time, and care that goes into their vehicle is epic - equal only to the thrill they feel from behind the wheel! At H3R Performance, such emotion has been our inspiration since 2005.

I have the Chrome extinguisher and I love it. The finish and the quality is just solid. I had to use it after an accident that happened in front of my house where one of the vehicles was starting to catch on fire. I was able to get it put out quickly and extinguisher performed beautifully.