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Fetish: Fight Fires With a Chrome-Plated Knockout


Wired/Christina Bonnington | Apr 27, 2011

ON LOOKS ALONE, the HalGuard HG250C fire extinguisher announces that it has little in common with that red cylinder languishing under the kitchen sink. (By the way, when was the last time you checked the charge on that thing?) This chrome-plated steel knockout is corrosion-resistant and holds 2.5 pounds of Halotron 1, an EPA-approved nonconductive liquefied gas. If that nest of plugs and wires under your desk catches fire, the HalGuard will put it out without frying the electronics. Halotron 1 also vaporizes almost instantly, leaving behind none of those sticky residues and lingering clouds of powder- and foam-based retardants—so it's also great for kitchen fires. And since the HalGuard looks at home next to modern appliances, you can use the grooved bracket (optional, shown here) to mount it by your Sub-Zero fridge. Then you won't accidently grab the Drano when you're battling a fire.

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