Safety Fast!


Safety Fast!

Safety Fast!

We always carry fire extinguishers in all our cars, and there have been times they’ve come in handy. It’s nice to be in a position to help someone who’s having a car fire, so we wanted to find an appropriate bottle for the Survivor. Our friends at H3R Performance found just the right one for us. The bottle uses their proprietary “Halguard” clean agent instead of chemical dust. The trick chrome mini-bottle and billet mount fit in the Miata’s trunk right up against the fuel filler bulkhead. Installing the billet mount was a snap. Follow these easy steps to install yours:

Step 1:

We decided to mount the extinguisher upright to minimize the loss of trunk space, and it looks good that way. After test-fitting to be sure the bottle will fit, we drilled the holes to hold the billet mount.

Step 2:

When we test-fit our bottle, we noticed that our bulkhead was looking a bit tatty, so we took it out of the car and took out the plastic clips that hold the jack handle. Then we gave the bulkhead a coat of paint to start dressing up the trunk area.

Step 3:

While the bulkhead is out of the car and when the paint is dry, you can bolt up the mount. The kit from H3R comes with nice hex head flush-mount screws, and we augmented these with nuts behind the bulkhead to keep everything tight.

Step 4:

Replace the plastic jack handle clips and reinstall the bulkhead. There are four 10mm bolts that affix it to the car.

Step 5:

Install the billet collar on the extinguisher, but do not tighten it down until you have fitted the bottle to the mount. Let the bottle stand on the floor and then tighten the collar. The billet mount has a pull-pin for easy access should you need to use your extinguisher.