Seat Mount Installation Guide: 2011 Chevrolet Corvette (C6 2005-2013)

Seat Mount Installation Guide: 2011 Chevrolet Corvette (C6 2005-2013)

David Kwartler | Sep 28, 2022

SM01BK Universal fire extinguisher seat mount and standard bracket

Installation Time: 30-45 minutes

Tools Required:
1/4” allen key
3/32” allen key
1/2” wrench or socket
11/32” wrench or socket
15mm deep length socket (to remove seat bolt nuts)

1. Follow steps 2-4 of the seat mount manual to attach extension arms to mounting tabs and bracket to the mounting platform. Be sure to follow instructions on what to tighten completely or remain loosely tightened and adjustable. I used the small mounting tabs.

2. Remove plastic clips on passenger seat bolt covers using a trim removal tool or flathead screwdriver. Slide the covers forward to avoid breaking the tab inside.

3. Remove seat bolt nuts using a deep length 15mm socket.

4. Place the small mounting tab over the seat bolt and then re-install the nut.

5. Attach the mounting platform to the arms following steps 6-8 of the seat mount manual. Do not tighten completely yet.

6. Test fit the extinguisher and determine your desired mounting position, I decided to have the arms at a 45 degree angle so they would clear my floor mats, and the mounting platform at a 135 degree angle so that the extinguisher would not interfere with the passenger's legs.

7. Now you can tighten everything completely. I started with the large cap screws on the bottom of the arm. Then, I tightened the last button head screw for the extinguisher bracket. Finally, I tightened the large cap screws attaching the platform to the arms.

8. Don’t forget to tighten your seat bolt nuts back to spec.

9. Mount your extinguisher to the bracket and enjoy the final product!