Seat Mount Installation Guide: 2013 Mazda CX-5 (1st Gen. – 2013-2016)

Seat Mount Installation Guide: 2013 Mazda CX-5 (1st Gen. – 2013-2016)

H3R Performance | Feb 28, 2022
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SM01BK Universal fire extinguisher seat mount and standard bracket

Installation Time: 30-45 minutes

Parts Included with the Seat Mount:
(1) Main support bar
(1) Support bar adjuster
(2) Extension arms
(2) Small mounting tabs (you will not use these)
(2) Large mounting tabs

From the hardware packet you will use:
(4) large cap screws
(8) medium washers
(4) large nylon lock nuts
(4) small nylon lock nuts
(3) small washers
(1) large fender washer
(4) small button head screws

Tools required:
1/4” Allen key
3/32” Allen key
1/2” wrench or socket
11/32” wrench or socket
E12 External Torx socket and a ratchet

1. Adjust the seat all the way back.
2. Follow steps 2-4 of the Seat Mount manual for attaching arms to tabs.
3. Remove seat bolts using E12 External Torx socket.
4. Slide the long side of the tabs under the seat rail and align the bolt holes. The arms should extend on the inner sides of the rail.
5. Hand-tighten the seat bolts to secure the tabs, but do NOT fully tighten.

6. At this point it’s a good idea to gauge how far the mounting platform will have to extend once installed.
7. Follow steps 3-4 in the Seat Mount manual to attach your bracket to the mounting platform.
8. Attach mounting platform to arms per step 8 in the manual.

9. Once everything is in place and secure, yet moveable, push the support bar back, flush against the ledge on the floor.
10. Before tightening completely, it’s a good idea to test fit your extinguisher. Now is the time to make any adjustments.
11. Once everything is where you want it, tighten down all the fastening points.

12. VERY IMORTANT! Make sure you tighten your seat mounting bolts back to spec.  

Final install