Aviation-Level Fire Safety For Your Classic Ford Mustang

Aviation-Level Fire Safety For Your Classic Ford Mustang

H3R Performance | Nov 1, 2021
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Recently, H3R Performance was invited to discuss the benefits of our automotive fire extinguishers with the Ford Mustang Community. Ford Mustang, The Early Years Podcast host, Doug Sandler, sat down with our own Senior Vice President, Chris Dieter, to share what classic car owners should consider when purchasing a fire extinguisher.

We all know classic car owners gladly spend money on quality restoration parts and accessories for their beloved vehicles, so when Doug ran an Instagram survey of his fellow classic Mustang enthusiasts, the results surprised him. He learned 50 percent of classic car owners surveyed do not have a fire extinguisher in their vehicle. The good news? This episode of the Ford Mustang, The Early Years Podcast gave Chris and Doug an opportunity to share the impressive functionality of H3R Performance extinguishers with Doug's audience to hopefully encourage listeners to invest in safety.

Red Ford Mustang

Photo credit: E Schumm

Aren't Automotive Fire Extinguishers All The Same?

“We started out selling aviation fire extinguishers, and we wanted to bring that aviation fire suppression technology to the automotive aftermarket because we really saw a need,” Chris Dieter explained.  “Most fire extinguishers use a dry chemical that effectively puts out the fire but leaves a mess that can be corrosive if it is not thoroughly cleaned up. Our HalGuard™ extinguisher uses a clean agent that isn’t corrosive, and that’s what we brought to the automotive market.”

The H3R Performance HalGuard clean agent extinguisher is listed and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), so the nine-second discharge can douse hard-to-reach fires and won’t harm electronics. This could spare an irreplaceable classic car from thousands of dollars in damage.

What About Installation?

H3R Performance strives to make installation simple. Our universal seat mount is highly adjustable and accommodates any of our mounts. Doug Sandler has a 2.5-lb, black HalGuard™ extinguisher in his Mustang and shared his thoughts on how easy it was to add the extinguisher to his classic. “I used the seat bolts, and it made it so easy for me…I loved it because I didn’t have to drill any holes to install it,” Doug said. “I really try to treat Jewel, my ’65, with love and kindness.”

Anyone who treats their classic or another well-loved vehicle as an investment will appreciate these damage-free mounting options.

Sandler also commented on the sleek look of his fire extinguishers. He liked the glossy black one in his Mustang so much that he added a chrome H3R Performance fire extinguisher to his garage.

The Contest

Wanting to share this valuable product, Doug offered his listeners a chance to win their own H3R Performance 2.5-lb HalGuard™ fire extinguisher. The winner will be announced the week of November 15, 2021.

Thanks for inviting us, Doug!


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