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Gear Essentials: Camping Gear and Emergency Preparedness

THE OVERLAND EXPO/Rick Stowe | Sep 2, 2021

H3R Performance – HalGuard Premium Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

A fire needs four things to exist: fuel, oxygen, heat, and the chemical reaction between them. Remove one or more of those essentials, and the fire is no more. HalGuard Premium Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers contains a liquid clean agent called Halotron 1, pressurized with argon to shoot between 6 to 15 feet when the trigger is activated. This allows you to stay a safe distance from the fire while the clean agent works its magic. In addition, HalGuard immediately cools the fire while at the same time morphing into a gas so it can better break the chemical reaction – even in hard-to-reach areas.

HalGuard comes in a number of sizes, but the most popular is the 2.5 lb. model HG250. Like all HalGuard extinguishers, the HG250 has a mix of features that sets it apart from other extinguishers on the market. HalGuard extinguishers are UL Listed and Rated, so you know they have been run through the wringer with standardized, repeatable tests that prove their effectiveness. Features such as discharge time, flow rate, and discharge rate are optimized for maximum safety and effectiveness. 

We love the quality and reliability of the HalGuard Premium Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers. When considering gear that could be the deciding factor in an emergency situation, you want something that won’t let you down.


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