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How Did the Fairmont Catch On Fire?

How Did the Fairmont Catch On Fire?

ETCG1/EricTheCarGuy | Mar 12, 2018

I'm sure you're all curious as to how my Fairmont caught on fire. In this video I provide a detailed explanation of what happened so that you can avoid the same fate. In case you missed that video, here's a link: I think what's really important here is that I had a fire extinguisher handy in my car. I have fire extinguishers in all of my vehicles for situations just like this. Had I not had a fire extinguisher, I might be making a video about how to start over after you've burned your project vehicle to the ground. I'm very glad I'm not making that video.

"There was no damage, other than some soot, and other than...using a fire extinguisher...the dry chemical type leave a big huge mess. But, as I said in that clip, I would rather have a huge mess than an engine that's on fire. Before you even say it, it's already ordered. They do make fire extinguishers that do not use a dry chemical ... specifically for vehicles like this with nice pretty engines... my engine isn't so nice and pretty anymore, but it's running, and it's alive, and that's important. So I will go back and clean this thing, hopefully before I go back to Jekyll Island, but I've already ordered a fire extingusher that is on its way, that doesn't leave a chemical residue at all. And that's the next one going in the car."

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