What Vehicle Fire Extinguisher Mount Should I Choose?

What Vehicle Fire Extinguisher Mount Should I Choose?

H3R Performance | Jan 27, 2022
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If you have been reading our blog posts then you know how important it is to have an extinguisher in your vehicle.  The next thing to think about is how and where to mount it. There are a few important dos and don’ts when it comes to a car fire extinguisher mount and we will cover them in this blog post.

Why do I need to mount my fire extinguisher?

The most important reason to mount your extinguisher is so that it doesn’t become a projectile during an accident. Ensuring your extinguisher is securely mounted is critical to your safety.

During a vehicle accident, everything inside is subject to a significant amount of force. This includes you, your passengers, and all the items inside. We all know the importance of wearing a seatbelt to keep us secure in an accident. However, many motorists overlook securing loose items.

According to this article from ABC News loose items “were responsible for more than 13,000 injuries in accidents nationwide in just one year. “ The article tells the story of an accident in Visalia, CA where a 1-year-old boy was hit by a cell phone inside that car and it cracked his skull. He recovered but it is a sobering lesson to make sure loose items are secure inside your vehicle.

Where should I mount my fire extinguisher?

The first thing to keep in mind is that you want your extinguisher located within easy reach when a fire breaks out. An extinguisher buried in the trunk will take that much longer to get out before you can start putting out the fire. Fires can double in size within 30 seconds and vehicle fires that grow out of control can shoot flames at distances of 10 feet or more, so time is of the essence. That extra 20-30 seconds you spend digging around for the extinguisher can mean the difference between putting the fire out vs watching your vehicle burn to the ground.

Each vehicle will have a number of options for mounting locations, but we have designed our Seat Mount to provide a solid mounting platform that also puts your extinguisher both out of the way, and close at hand.  This mounting platform uses your existing seat mount bolts, so no drilling is required. It works with the standard bracket that is included with your extinguisher, as well as with all of the other optional mounts we sell. There are a number of great reviews and install videos on our seat mounts. See the list below for a few links:

Kies Motorsports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajNeFeyBezI&t=198s

Wanderlost Overland: https://youtu.be/pfdJ3APz5vw?t=434

AutoEdits: https://youtu.be/M9SOXtcMuBQ?t=715

If mounting within reach of the driver is not an option we have seen some customers mount our extinguishers in their trunk. It is very important that even when in the trunk the extinguisher is properly mounted. Not only for your safety but to ensure quick and easy access in an emergency. We recommend using one of our quick-release mounting options like the Extreme Duty bracket or Pro-Lock fire extinguisher bracket. The fact is running to the trunk to get out your extinguisher will cost you time and a quick-release bracket mounted in an easy-to-reach spot will help you make up some of that lost time.


Another great option if available is to mount on a roll bar or harness bar. These will often put the extinguisher in easy reach and we offer a variety of roll bar options. Our Extreme Duty roll bar mounts are quick release, super rugged, and come in 1 5/8” and 1 ¾” roll bar diameter fit. Our Pro-Lock fire extinguisher bracket offers a sleek chrome finish great for racing and high-end vehicles with a quick-release lever and will fit 1 ½”, 1 5/8”, 1 ¾”, and 2” size roll bar diameter.

Some Tips, Tricks, and Precautions

When purchasing a roll bar mount be sure to use a micrometer to confirm your diameter. All our brackets are made to tight specifications and are not designed to be modified. Trying to force-fit a roll bar mount on an inappropriately sized roll bar can cause the bracket to fail.

The Seat Mount can be used on both the front and rear seat mount bolts. So if in front of the seat is not an option, consider the rear. Some seats also allow bolting to the underside of the seat, which then allows the extinguisher to move with the seat when adjusting its position.

Using a flat mount without the Universal Seat Mount requires drilling holes in your vehicle. Before doing so, make sure to triple-check for electrical wiring and fuel lines. Once you drill, it can’t be undone!

We have seen several customers use our Extreme Duty brackets with MOLLE panels. These will often require larger washers or a mounting plate that sandwiches the panel between the mount and plate.

Word of warning! While quite popular, we have chosen not to develop a Velcro mount for a few reasons. First, Velcro mounts can be time-consuming to release in an emergency when secured tightly around the extinguisher. If the Velcro is loose enough that the extinguisher can easily slide out it may not be sufficiently secured in a collision or rollover. Lastly, even the highest quality Velcro is prone to breaking down over time, and we have placed the utmost importance on offering products that are not only effective but high quality with a long life. For these reasons, we do not feel a Velcro bracket is a good choice for extinguisher mounting.

Some customers have asked for a quick-release mounting solution that utilizes a mechanism other than a pin. In response, we are excited to offer our ProLock bracket. This super sturdy billet mounting system utilizes a quick-release lever that saves time and does not require a pin.


While having an extinguisher is important for your safety so too is making sure it is properly mounted with a vehicle fire extinguisher mount to avoid it becoming a projectile in a collision and make sure you can actually find it in an emergency. All H3R Performance extinguishers come with a standard mount and we offer an entire line of mounting options to fit your unique needs like our ProLock, Extreme Duty, Seat Mount and Billet.

If you have any questions about what mounting solution is right for you please contact our customer service team at h3rinfo@h3rperformance.com and we will assist you.