Buyers Guide: The Best Fire Extinguishers for Off-Roaders


Best Professional Pick: HG250B Fire Extinguisher

Our top pick for the professional goes to this well-rated extinguisher from H3R. The H3R Performance HG250B Fire Extinguisher comes with twice the size and fire-stopping power of smaller units, so you’re less likely to be outgunned by a challenging or rapidly spreading fire. The chemical formulation leaves no mess or damage if discharge occurs within a vehicle. It also prevents thermal shock to vehicle electronics, and an all-metal valve is featured for minimal maintenance and a long service life.

The H3R Performance HG250B Fire Extinguisher is EPA approved, and ships with a mounting bracket that includes a keyed bracket that helps eliminate the possibility of rotation and accidental discharge. Owner reviews clock in at 5 stars, helping add further appeal. Just note that the black color may limit visibility and ease of retrieval of this high-end fire extinguisher in certain situations.